Rest time!

Despite this being a gentle ease-in to the New Year, you’ve been working hard this month. Today is an important day because you’ll be focusing on rest.

There’s a lot discussed in terms of self-care and relaxation, often with tips that are difficult to put into action.

Today is much simpler. It invites you to rest yourself.

That might be for:
– Five minutes while you listen to a piece of music.
– Ten minutes while you read something enjoyable.
– Fifteen minutes while you have a cup of tea.
– Twenty minutes while you practice stretching.
– Thirty minutes while you close your eyes and lie still.

You get to decide what ‘rest’ is like for you. For some people it requires no interruptions, for others it’s about more time to lie down or sleep. Others can rest while listening to music, cooking, or listening to a story.

You also get to decide on time. Today you might have a lot of time to do very little. Or you may have a bit of time to try something restful. If you’re not used to resting it makes sense to start with a short activity and build up.

What you’re doing today is identifying what you like to do to unwind and think about building this into your day. Note if there are particular times of your day or week when you need to pause and take a breath. That may be during the work day (perhaps for a few short relaxation breaks), or longer at the end of a busy day.

Note, also, if you find it difficult to sleep if you’re stressed. In which case you might want to invest some time thinking about sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, or booking an appointment with your doctor if you struggle with sleep disruption or insomnia.

Making time to rest can be tricky if you’re always running on full steam. You may need to put time for rest in your diary with some preparation time ahead of it (for example schedule in a coffee break with time to put work aside, boil the kettle, then pause to enjoy your drink before resuming work again).

For bedtimes you may want to develop a routine of washing/bathing, listening to quiet music or a relaxing story, shutting off social media, and ensuring there’s a gap between work and bed.

Whatever works for you, set aside clear down time where you focus on taking it easy.

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