The ultimate guide to creating research questions

Are you trying to write a research question? Have no idea where to begin? Or perhaps are lost in all the possible things you could investigate? This collection of blog posts guide you through everything you need to create a useful research question. From thinking about what research questions are for; it moves through some of the common mistakes people make when creating questions; through to practical instructions on developing, testing and using questions in your work.

You may want to use these guides if you’re just thinking about a question, have been told you need to pick one for an assessment or course project, or if you are in the early stages of research and haven’t finalised your question(s) yet. If you’re a tutor these resources can be used and adapted within your classes. If you’re not within an academic institution these are all designed for self-directed learning. And if you’re at the end of a study but reflecting back on the process these posts can assist you as you work out if you asked the right questions – and what you might do differently if you were to repeat your work.

How to get better at framing research questions

Seven questions to ask about your research question

‘Nobody’s ever asked this before’ and other research misconceptions

How to scope and shape your research question

Developing your research question

Having worked through all of these you should be good to go!

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