Useful resources

Below is an A-Z of websites, papers, toolkits and other useful stuff to help you on your research journey. I’m always updating this resource so if there’s something you think I need to include here please let me know. This is in no way a complete nor systematic list of all resources for the social or health services or development. Instead, consider it a virtual rummage bin of things I find on my travels that I hope are useful to you as well. More how-to guidance on getting your research done can be found in the Research Companion book


Action Research

Wikipedia on Action Research

What is Action Research?

Infed Guide to Action Research

Researching Reform

Centre for Applied Social Research

Research to Action

Offender Health Research Network



Poor As Folk

Black Lives Matter

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Psychology Matters

Social Action and Research Foundation

Psychologists Against Austerity

Science is Vital

Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers

Progressive Science Institute

School for Health and Care Radicals

Psychologists for Social Responsibility

Sustainable Standup

Progressive Science

Anonymity and Confidentiality

University of Lancaster’s Guide on Anonymity and Confidentiality

Managing anonymity and confidentiality
in social research: the case of visual data
in Community research

Principles of Anonymity, Confidentiality and Data Protection


The Geek Anthropologist

Discover Anthropology

Medicine Anthropology Theory


Publication Practices & Responsible Authorship

Wikipedia on Academic Authorship

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors – defining roles of authors and contributors

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)



Career Advice

Career Smart

The Early Career blog

Sabbatical Homes

Ann Krook

Case reports and studies

A (Very) Brief Refresher on the Case Study Method

Case Reports

Cohort Studies

Medical Research Council’s Cohort Directory



Communications in healthcare improvement, a toolkit

Critical Appraisal and reading skills

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme

CASP (Critical Appraisal Skills Programme) Tools and Checklists

What is critical appraisal (list of checklists)

What is critical appraisal?

How to Read a Paper: The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine

Critical Appraisal: Notes and checklists

Critical appraisal of a journal article

Critical Appraisal Checklists

University of Michigan’s How to Read A Book

Critical Thinking/Methods

Critical Methods Collective

What is critical research?

The Critical Institute


National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Wikipedia on Collaborative Methods

Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science (KiiCS)


Community Tool Box


Community Psychology

Community Psychology UK

ResUp MeetUp

Community Health Work Central

World Community Grid


ReachOut Consortium

Educate & Advocate

Comparative Research

Wikipedia on Comparative Research

Comparative Research Methods

The comparative approach: theory and method

Methodology in comparative studies


Conference Alerts

All Conferences

PLOS Conference Announcements


Moderating Panels

Patient/Community/Lay/Consumer Involvement

Consumer involvement: a new perspective

Cochrane Consumers and Communication


aHUS Alliance

Working Together: a toolkit for health professionals on how to involve the public (West of England Academic Health Science Network)

NIHR Patients and the Public

In Control

Patients and Research

Patients Included

North West People in Research Forum

People In Research

Patient Opinion

Why we do research

Patient Voices

Epatient Dave

The Arnold P.Gold Foundation

Tommy On Tour

James Lind Alliance

Typefaces for dyslexia

Public Involvement Impact Assessment Framework (PiiAF)


Informed Consent Resources (University of Southampton)

Informed Consent (links to resources and tools)

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Wikipedia on Content Analysis

Sociological research skills on content analysis

Introduction to content analysis

Conversation Analysis 

Wikipedia on conversation analysis

Introductory tutorial in conversation analysis

Cross Cultural Practice

Society for Cross Cultural Research

Wikipedia on Cross Cultural Studies


Multiculturalism Forum

Cross National Research

Methods for Cross National Research Initiative

Wikipedia on Cross National Research

Cross Sectional Research

Wikipedia on Cross Sectional Research

Cross Sectional Studies

Cultural Studies

Stuart Hall Memorial



Where there is no data

Our World in Data

Edward Tufte

UK Data Service

UK Data Service Student Resources

Being Measured

Dianthus Medical

UK Data Archive

Data Centre

I Love Charts

Information is beautiful

Aggregate census data guide

Aid Data

Data Science Association

School of Data

Childrens’ Investment Fund Foundation guide to Data and Evidence

BMJ films on improving graphs and tables

IMF Data Mapper

Data Collection

Wikipedia on data collection

Data collection methodology


Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research


Research for development

DFID Bloggers

Development Bookshelf

OECD Aid Effectiveness

OECD Development Charts

UK Collaborative on Development Science


Global Development Lab

UNDP Millennium Development Goals for 2015

The Reality of Aid

Overseas Development Institute


Impact Alliance

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

One World

The World Bank

London International Development Centre

European Centre for Development Policy Management

Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University

Development Studies Association

LSE’s Directory of Development Consultancies and Think Tanks

International Institute for Environment and Development

Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit

Nonprofit with balls

Canadian International Development Agency

Australian Agency for International Development

International Studies Association

Progressive Development Forum

Development Gateway

Research to Action

Commonwealth Opinion

Latin American Diaries

Aid Leap

People in Aid

Wikipedia global list of development aid agencies

Taylor and Francis open access publications on MDGs

All Africa’s resources on development

Information about African Countries

Making All Voices Count

Development Drums

Next Einstein Forum

Resyst (LSHTM)

World Development Indicators

UN Human Development Reports


Wikipedia on diary studies in user research

Morgan Centre Manchester guide to using diaries

Digital, Tech and ICT


MIT Open Software

Digital Research Tools

Research ICT Africa

Digital Commonwealth

Digital Science


Digital Curation Centre

Association for Learning Technology

Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science

We Communities

Open Knowledge and Open Education

Digital Methods as Mainstream Methodology (2013 report from NCRM)

Overview of Social Media Research Tools

New Social Media New Social Science

A-Z of social media for academics

Social Media for Development


Discourse Analysis

Wikipedia on Discourse Analysis

Discourse in Society


How to start your dissertation

Writing a dissertation

How to plan your dissertation

How to write your dissertation

Final Year Projects

Planning and conducting a dissertation project (University of Leicester)

Completing your dissertation without tears

Dissertation Recipes

O’Leary: Doing your research project

Doing research in the real world

Disaster, Conflict and Humanitarian Work

Evidence Aid

Medecins Sans Frontieres Field Research

International Crisis Group

Relief Web

International Rescue Committee

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Crisis States Research Network

Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Global Peace Index

Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (ATHA)

CHS Alliance


Emergency Capacity Building Project

Coordination SUD

Groupe URD

Sphere Project

Uppsala Department of Peace and Conflict Research


Strategies for disseminating research findings

Dissemination planning tool

International Innovation

Distance Learning

Open University Distance Learning Courses

University of London International Programmes

International Council for Open and Distance Education

Documentary Analysis

The use of Documentary Research Methods in Social Research



The Undercover Economist

Rural Finance

International Monetary Fund

Royal Economic Society

World Economics Association

International Economic Association

The Atlas (tracking economic growth)

Globe (Harvard guide to companies)

European Economic Association

African Finance and Economic Association

The African Econometric Society

East Asian Economic Association

Asia Pacific Economic Association

International AIDS Economics Network

International Budget Partnership

LSE Business Review

Studying Economics

Ranking of Econonmies

International Trade in Goods


National Foundation for Educational Research

Research at Department for Education (UK)

British Educational Research Association

Schoolnet Africa

London Connection (online magazine for University of London’s International Programmes)

Global Campaign for Education

UNESCO Education for All

Science of the Invisible

International Education Network

Professionals in International Education (PIE)

Schools and Students Health Education Unit (SHEU)


Teacher Toolkit

Science of Continuing Education

Crybrary Man’s Educational Websites (and hashtags)

Emerge Africa


African Network of Environmental Humanities

IEA Energy Atlas

Land Matrix


Medicine and Health: Epidemiology

WHO on Epidemiology


The TRUST Project (protecting vulnerable populations)

Health Research Authority

My research project

The Research Ethics Guidebook

PKP School Module on Ethics

Declaration of Helsinki

Framework for Research Ethics

Social Research Association Ethical Guidelines

Ethics Share

Association for Research Ethics

Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees – Ethical Guidelines for Research

NIH Research Ethics Training

Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation

Research Ethics Training Curriculum

The Ethicist Blog

International Development Ethics Association

University of Leeds Ethics Resources

Ethics and Engagement across the Wellcome Overseas Programme (e-MOPs)

Committee on Professional Ethics (American Sociological Association)

University of Otago’s Ethics Application Repository

Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics


What is ethnography?

Wikipedia on ethnography

Ethnography Matters

Digital Ethnography

Mediated Cultures

The Ethnography Collections


Better Evaluation

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

MEASURE Evaluation

Evaluation Flashcards

Methods for Change

<strong>Event History Analysis

Event History Analysis

Evidence Based

Evidence based healthcare and systematic reviews

What is evidence based medicine?

Reframing evidence synthesis as rhetorical action in the policy making drama

The mess on the web (evidence synthesis)

Giving Evidence blog

Students 4 Best Evidence

InnovAiT blog

Science Based Medicine

Alliance for Useful Evidence

Testing Treatments

European Association for Health Information and Libraries

Africa Evidence Network

Exclusion and Inclusion Criteria

Wikipedia on Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

Protocol design: inclusion and exclusion criteria

Exploratory Research

Wikipedia on Exploratory Research


Find a Job (plus M, PhD and postdoc level opportunities)
Highered Jobs
Nature Jobs
Find a university job
New Scientist
Times Higher
Academic Jobs (EU)
Academic 360
Academic Transfer
Science Careers
Hire Wire
Research Professional
Development Worker
Going Global
Agence Francaise + Developpement
BMJ Careers
Health Jobs
Global Charity Jobs
Guardian International Jobs
One World Jobs
Find a PhD
Postgraduate Studentships
Postgraduate Forum
Find a postdoc
Fulbright (US scholarships for UK scholars)
USA Scholarships
German Academic Exchange Service Scholarships
Global Academy Jobs
Commonwealth Scholarships
Opportunities for Africans
Scholars 4 Dev
Scholarship Links
We Make Scholars
Many institutions advertise scholarships, fellowships and job opportunities internally. If you look at the ‘Higher Education’ and ‘Funding’ sections these provide additional places to look for work or study opportunities.

Focus Groups

Planning and research design for focus groups

Focus Groups

Funding and research organisations





British Academy

Medical Research Council

British Council

Funding Central

National Endowment for the Humanities

European Association for the study of Science and Technology

World Health Organisation (WHO) Grants

IMMANA Grants (agriculture and nutrition)

Irish Research Council

European Research Council

Association of Medical Research Charities


Commonwealth Scholarships Commission

Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

Wiserd (Wales)

National Research Foundation (SA)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Social Sciences and Humanities Council (Canada)

Independent Social Research Foundation

Norface (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe)

Cash for Questions blog (Social Science Research Funding)

American Council of Learned Societies

US Department of Education Student Loans

Guggenheim Fellowships

Anderson Centre

The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

American Philosophical Association Diversity and Inclusiveness Funding

Happiness and Wellbeing Grants

Ford Foundation

DIFD Funding finder email alert service

Funds for NGOs

Top 10 Tips on How to Get Funding

Guide for writing a funding proposal

The Art of Writing Proposals

Grant Writing for Non Profits

Social Science Research Funding

Vitae’s guide on seeking funding and links to European funding sources

Emory Prevention Research Centre presentation on ‘Why Grant Proposals Fail’

The Research Funding Toolkit

Beginnings: how to write your first grant proposal. Nature Blogs



Progressive Geographies

Global Health

Hesperian Health Guides

Global Health Council

Institute For Global Health (UCL)

Global Health Action

Steps Centre

Healthcare Information For All

Centre for Global Development

Health Systems Global

Healthcare Leadership Academy

Global Health Hub

HIFA Voices

Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEAT)

Missing Maps Project

Youth Mappers

Data Kind

SciDevNet (Science and Technology for Global Development)

Indepth Network


Wellbeing Research in Developing Countries

South African Regional Poverty Network


People’s Health Movement

Disease Control Priorities DP3

Globalisation and Migration

International Labour Organisation

Globalisation Institute

Global Policy Forum

African Health Policy Network

International Health Policices

Centre for Global Development

Migration, Globalisation and Poverty

International Organisation for Migration

National Institutes of Health


Health Poverty Action

Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation


Replacing the Research Governance Framework

Grey Literature

GreyNet International

Grounded Theory

Grounded Theory Online



Frontline Health Workers

Kings Fund


The Researcher Magazine (NHS)

NIHR Research Design Service

The EQUATOR Network (Enhancing the QUAlity and transparency of healthcare research)

UK Clinical Research Collaboration

Conducting Clinical Research

Cambridge Nurses in Research

Global Research Nurses

Academy of Medical Sciences

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Best Health (evidenced information to help healthcare decisions)

Evidence Based Medicine Toolkit

The Risk Communication Institute (features visual tools for communicating risk)

Politics of Health

Health Services Research Live

Danielle Ofri

UKCRC Tissue Directory


Health Affairs

Healthcare Without Harm

Health and Care Professions Council

Kissing It Better

The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff

Slow Medicine

NHS England learning environment


The Edge

Person Centred Care

UK Society for Behavioural Medicine

Higher Education

Access to HE (details of UK courses and studies for degree level entry)

Inside Higher Education

HE Watch

Times Higher Education

Higher Education Academy

Critical Education

University Ranking Watch

Society for Research into Higher Education

Learn Higher

Research Degree Voodoo

University Alliance

Wonk HE (policy)

Chronicle of Higher Education

University World News


World Education Services – Regional Educational Links

University Affairs, Canada

Academic Matters

Online learning and distance education resources

Information Literacy Weblog

Bishop Blog

Society for the Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science

Council for the Defence of British Universities

Hybrid Pedagogy

Responsible Metrics

Critical Education


Global Higher Education

BrainTrack (on Facebook)

Association of Commonwealth Universities

Map of UK Universities

Universities Worldwide


Wellcome Collection

Global Health Histories

Cheiron: The International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Working Class Movement Library

The Disability History Association

Institute of Historical Research

Raphael Samuel History Centre

Past To Present Genealogy


Open Library of Humanities

London Arts and Humanities Partnership

Innovation and the Humanities

The Recipes Project



MacArthur Foundation

e-International Relations


What is impact?

Pathways to Impact

Fast Track Impact

ESRC Impact Toolkit

Research Impact Canada

Kudos Blog


Innovations in social science research methods

International Development Innovation Network


Interaction Analysis

Interaction analysis: Foundations and practice


Interview methods

Semi structured interviews



Just for Fun


Written Kitten

Saturday Caturday

Sad Chairs of Academia

Academia Obscura

Shit Academics Say

Research Wahlberg

PhD Comics


Blind date with a book

Errant Science Comics

Statistically Funny



Literature Reviewing

Starting a Literature Review

Doing a Literature Review

The literature review: a few tips on conducting it

Deakin University Library Search and Literature Review Guide

How to do a literature review

Literature Searching


Cochrane Library


Web of Knowledge

Iris AI

100 Search Engines for Academic Research


Academic Info






What is qualitative longitudinal research?

Longitudinal FAQs

Understanding Society (UK Household Longitudinal Survey)


Marginalised Scholars

How to prep for grad school while poor

Conditionally Accepted

The Para Academic Handbook

Sociologists Outside Academia

Adjunct Nation

LGBT Aid and Development Workers

Queering Education

The University of Colour

British Black Academics PhD Network



Disability Research Forum

Crippled Scholar blog

Ramp Your Voice

Your Queer Prof

Urbane Adventurer: Amiskwacî

Black Sisters Network: Black British Academics

Let Us Learn

National Joint Committee for Learning Disabilities

Media Diversified, resources for academics


Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education and Society

Dismantling the Master’s House

Why is my curriculum white?

CASA (Casual, Adjunct, Sessional Staff and Allies in Higher Education in Australia)

Media and Culture

Open Culture

David Gauntlett

Critical Theory

Theory, Culture and Society

Medical Humanities

Centre for Medical Humanities

LitMed – Literature Arts Medicine Database

Association for Medical Humanities

Mental Health

Centre for Global Mental Health


Meta Analysis

What is Meta Analysis?


Introduction to Research

Responsible conduct of Research

Directory of Social Research Methods

Research methods: some notes to orient you

Exploratory, descriptive and causal research designs

Research Methods Knowledge Base

Goldsmith’s Methods Lab

The Research Assistant

Electronic Resources for Research Methods

Free Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods

Methodspace (resources and books on methods from Sage publishers)

Political Sciences Replication

Research Methods in the Social Sciences (collection of videos)

Mixed Methods International Research Association

Everyday Research Methods

LSE’s Thinking Methods

University of Southern California’s Research Help and How-Tos

HE Academy’s Frameworks and Toolkits


Narrative Methods

Centre for Narrative Research

Telling stories: narrative approaches in qualitative research


Networking Opportunities


Research Gate





Geazle (for STEM)


Nature Network




Nominal Groups

Gaining consensus among stakeholders through the nominal group technique

Nominal Group Technique



Advantages and disadvantages of observation

Participant observation field guide

Observational research methods

Mass Observation Archive

Older People

WHO’s database of age-friendly practices

Open Access

Public University

The People’s University

British Sign Language Corpus Project

Philanthropy University


World Digital Library

Knowledge Mobilisation

NOBA – teach and learn psychology for free

Open Access Working Group

DIY Scholar

RRI Toolkit

Author Aid


JISC Open Access

Open Access Button


Policy Compass

Public Strategist

Scholarly Open Access

Right Relevance

Scholarly and Research Communication

SaS Open Journals


BMJ’s Research to Publication

MOOC around the world – list of global courses

Open Prescribing

Internet Archive

Research Fish

This is 2020

World Bank Open Data

Oral History

Oral History Toolkit

Oral History Society


Participatory Methods

Understanding Everyday Participation

World Bank on Participatory Methods

Toolkit for Citizen Participation

Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Toolkit

Engineering at home


Participation Compass

IIED Participatory Learning and Action

Participatory Learning Techniques

The People’s Report

Flint Water Study

Participate 2015

CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Participation)

Participatory Research Methods: A methodological approach in motion

Participatory Action Research

Morgan Centre Manchester’s guide to participatory methods and Participatory Mapping

Mesh (Global Health Network)

Peer Review

Sense About Science on Peer Review

Peer Review Week


Dissertation/Thesis Guide (available in English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese)

The Thesis Whisperer

Get a Life, PhD

The PhD Diaries (UCL)

Postgraduate Resources

Warwick University’s PhD Life

The PhD Game

The Doctoral Journey

Viva Survivors

Crawford PhD

Beyond the Professoriate

From PhD to Life

Beyond the Tenure Track

Escape the Ivory Tower

Tenure, She Wrote

The Virtual Leader


Daily Nous

Critical Theory

Zara Does Philosophy


The importance of pilot studies

A tutorial on pilot studies


Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism Advice

American Journal Experts – Avoiding Plagiarism


Policy Wonkers

New Policy Institute

Discover Society

Voice of Researchers

On Think Tanks

Sexuality Policy Watch

Sustainable Learning



National Postdoctoral Association

Postdoc Experience

Presenting Your Work

Colin Purrington


Powerpoints of Twitter


Life Science Protocol Repository


Psychology in Africa

Psychological Society of South Africa

European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations

Journal of European Psychology Students blog (JEPS Bulletin)

International Association of Applied Psychology

International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology

American Psychological Association (Plus Divisions)


Asian Association of Social Psychology

Social Psychology (UK)

Canadian Social and Personality Psychology

Social Psychology Network

European Association of Social Psychology

Japanese Society of Social Psychology

Society for Philosophy and Psychology

Association for Psychological Science

Federation of Associations in Behavioural and Brain Sciences

Association of Black Psychologists

Black PhD Network

International Council of Psychologists

International Social Cognition Network

International Society for Self and Identity

International Society for Political Psychology

Society for Community Research and Action

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Society for Social Neuroscience

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

National Academy of Psychology India

The Japanese Psychological Association

Russian Psychological Society

Iranian Psychological Association

Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations

International Society for Theoretical Psychology

European Health Psychology Society

British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology

American Psychological Society Division 38 Health Psychology

Liberation Psychology

Radical Psychology Network

Critical Psychology

International Society for Critical Health Psychology

Science of Psych

Public Health

A Practical Playbook

Health Knowledge


Society of Public Health Education

Scope – Medical Blog, Stanford

iHub Scotland

Public Engagement

Testing Hypothesis blog


Science and You

National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (UK)

Society for Science

Science Festivals

Natural Sciences Collections Association

RCUK Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research


Scholarly Kitchen

Deakin University Library toolkit for writing papers for publication

How to write an academic paper

How to write a good article

PSA Guide to Publishing

Wendy Belcher Writing your paper in 12 weeks

European Association of Science Editors – how to write a scientific paper

Canadian Science Publishing

Retraction Watch

Society for Scholarly Publishing

Think, check, submit

Elgar Blog’s tips for getting published

Research to Publication



Qualitative Research Practice

Qual Page (resources for qualitative researchers)

The Qualitative Report

Forum: Qualitative Social Research

Intersectional Qualitative Research Methods Institute

British Psychological Society Qualitative Methods Section

Successful Qualitative Research: A practical guide for beginners

The Qualitative Researcher

Morgan Centre Manchester’s guides to picking, using, transcribing and analysing qualitative data



Institute for Healthcare Improvement

NHS Scotland Quality Improvement Hub

NHS Improvement Science Alert

PEAS – Practical Exemplars and Survey Analysis


Realist Evaluation

Realist Evaluation


Deakin University Library guide to referencing

BibMe Citation Guides

Learning Scientist blog’s APA Template Guide


The reflexive interview and a performative social science

Including the researcher in the research

Refugee Academics

Council for at Risk Academics (CARA)

UKCISA guidance for refugee students

Refugee Support Network


Reproducible Research

Research Councils


Higher Education Academy

Research Council of Norway

Africa Research Institute

Rural Health

Comprehensive Rural Health Project


Safety, self care and wellbeing

Participant safety and wellbeing

Researcher safety issues

Aid Worker Security

Relief Web resources on safety and security

Dear Student

Academic Life Hacker

ALCS (author rights)

Imposter Syndrome

Stylish Academic

Academic Mental Health Collective

SANG (Sexual Assault Network for Grads)

FAR (Faculty Against Rape)

EROC (End Rape on Campus)

Campus Sexual Violence Resource List

AAUP Resources on Sexual Harassment and Assault

The Intervention Initiative (UWE)

The 1752 Group

Science Communication

Scicomm Tips

Science for the People

Science in Public Research Network

The Big Picture’s Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects

Indian Science Communication Society

Science Communication Toolkit

Student Science

Resources to get you started in Research Communication (Evaluation and Communication in Practice)

The Story Collider

The Plainspoken Scientist


SciComm Central (Facebook Group)

LHSTM Sci Comm resources

Let’s Talk Science

United Academics


Science With Style


Science Live


Twitter Weave

Spark of Science

Search Engine*

100 Search Engines for Academic Research

Wikipedia list of academic databases and search engines

Secondary Analysis

Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data

Secondary data analysis: an introduction

Self care for academics

Academic Kindness

Slow Scholarship

Conditionally Accepted’s Thank a public scholar

Doctor Outta Here

Social Science*

The Social Sciences

Consortium Of Social Science Associations (COSSA)

What is social science research?

The Social Research Association

Campaign for Social Science

Society for Social Studies of Science

The New West (Political Sciences)

The Finch and Pea

International Social Science Council

Economic and Social Research Council’s YouTube Channel

The Open Notebook

Social Science Space

Manchester School of Social Sciences

e-Source Behavioural and Social Sciences Research

African Academy of Sciences

Human Sciences Research Council

Academy of Social Sciences


British Sociological Association

The Sociological Imagination

Graham Scambler

Mark Carrigan

Sociologists for Women in Society


Medical Sociology Online

Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness

South African Sociological Association

Live Sociology

SocRel (Sociology of Religion)

Social Ontology


Understanding Society

Simply Sociology

Norton Sociology’s YouTube channel (lots of methodology films covering diverse research topics)

Global Social Theory

International Sociology Association

Sociology In Focus


Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis Toolkit

Mind Tools Stakeholder Analysis

ASA Activity on Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder participation


Radical Statistics




Prior Exposure

Worldwide List of Statistical Organisations

List of academic statistical Associations

South African Statistical Society

Uganda Statistical Society

International Statistical Institute

Philippine Statistical Association

International Indian Statistical Association

Japan Statistical Association

International Chinese Statistical Association

Iranian Statistical Society

Royal Statistics Society

American Statistical Association


Study Skills

Palgrave Study Skills – Research Methods

Wiley Exchanges

Thinkwell free study planners and guides


Cal Newport books and resources

University of Leicester’s Graduate School Reading Room

James Cook University Workshop Notes

Sage’s resources for students

Supervision and Mentoring

Nature’s mentoring toolkit

Student 2 Scholar

Systematic Review

Cochrane Collaboration

Rapid Reviews

The Campbell Collaboration

AMSTAR (Assessing Methodological Quality of Systematic Reviews)



Teaching and Learning (Research Methods)

Not awful and boring examples for teaching statistics and research methods

Higher Education Academy Toolkits

Library of Congress Research Tools

Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching

The Learning Scientists

Erasmus Programme

Students Discover

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

The Research Whisperer

AJ Juliani blog

Effective and Efficient Faculty

Cult of Pedagogy

McMaster Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning

First Nations Pedagogy

Pedagogy Ideas (for educators in developing countries)

National Extension College


Theatre of the Oppressed

Think Tanks

Smith Institute

Centre Forum



Fabian Society

Compass Online


Institute for Public Policy Research

New Economics

Third Sector

Charity Comms

Third Sector


All Trials

Open Trials

Consort (Transparent reporting of trials)

Publish What You Fund

Help Make History (explaining and promoting trials, particularly around HIV vaccines)

My Trial Buddy

American Economic Association’s RCT Registry



Visual and creative methods

Literally Science


Spin Weave and Cut

Morgan Centre Manchester’s guide to ethics in visual research

Emotional Methodologies

Crafts Council Digital Storytelling

AM Digital

Transformative Storytelling for Social Change

Learning Over Education

Creative Research Methods

Research beyond borders

Media for Development


Social Design Notes

99% invisible


Learning Service



Open to All



Writing Skills

Developing your writing

The Writing Studio

Online Writing Lab (OWL)


Tweed Editing

Shut Up And Write Tuesdays

Centre for Writing University of Minnesota

Writing for Research

National Association of Science Writers

Howard Tilton Memorial Library Writing Guides

PKP School’s Writing for Publication tutorials

University of Arizona’s Graduate Writing Resource

English Communication for Scientists (Nature)

American Psychological Association (APA) Writing Style

Scholar Shape

Scientist Squirrel – the scientist’s guide to writing

Minimum standards of reporting guidance

Wellcome Science Writing Tips

Knight Science Journalism (MIT) resources for science writing

Academic Phrasebank

Science Writing Resources for Learning (ScWRL) University of British Colombia

Raewyn Connell’s Writing for Research

Explorations of Style

Scholar Studio

Academic Phrasebank

Write, Publish, Thrive




Young Lives

Research in Practice