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Welcome to #ResearcherRenew 2024!

January is traditionally a time for making resolutions, starting new projects, and quitting bad habits. But unsurprisingly many of our good intentions rarely make it past the first few weeks of the year. And sometimes the pressure to make change leaves us feeling anxious rather than empowered.

Instead of giving you lots more work and loads more worries, January’s #ResearcherRenew is aimed at leaving you feeling stronger, happier and better able to face the year to come; particularly if last year was difficult.

What to expect…

Every few days across January I’ll share a post designed to help you:

  • feel calmer and more confident
  • celebrate your achievements
  • plan and structure your work
  • look forward to the next twelve months

Within each post will be reflections and suggestions you may use as a one-off activity or link together as a self-directed course. It may be some ideas are more relevant to you than others; and it’s fine to skip ones that don’t apply or spend longer on the ones you enjoy.

Make sure you check this blog regularly throughout the month so you don’t miss out on any posts!

You can join in with others undertaking January’s Researcher Renew on Threads using the hashtag #ResearcherRenew (you can find me there). Or share your ideas in the comments here or over on LinkedIn.

Let’s begin!

….with something nice and simple. Your task is to pick one song that inspires you. Something you sing when you feel stressed or anxious, or play when you want to get motivated. Share it on the hashtag #ResearcherRenew or over on LinkedIn and let’s create a playlist of happy to be the soundtrack of our year.

A bit of extra assistance

Many of the activities introduced here are covered in more detail in the following resources that you might want to use alongside #ResearcherRenew and though the coming year

Being Well in Academia: ways to feel stronger, safer and more connected is a self-help book for anyone working or studying in academia with ideas on ways to look after your mental health, rights and wellbeing.

Pastoral Care for the Holiday Season links to sources of support should you, your friends, or anyone you’re teaching or supervising need it.

I’m looking forward to us spending the next month together. And hoping this is a year that’s kind to you and brings you wonderful things.

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    • Petra Post Author

      Check back to this blog every few days and there’ll be a new post updating your next #ResearcherRenew activity throughout January. I hope you find them useful!

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