March 2015 useful stuff roundup

It’s been a busy month over on the Research Companion Facebook group where we’ve been talking about everything from community involvement, to critical research skills, to whether or not to do a PhD.

If you’re not a member of the group you’re welcome to join us. It’s a place where we share resources, you can ask for advice or swap tips and expertise about how to do research in development, health or the social sciences.

Not on Facebook or can’t access it? Don’t worry. Here’s the best of all the stuff we’ve shared in March.

Tools, books, papers and resources
I, too, am Auckland: combatting racialised microaggressions
Writing our way into inquiry and presearch
Discursive Data – ‘What we talk about when we talk data’
The demands of the University of Colour
Loads of global health e-seminars archived
Transforming education systems and learning outcomes
What is critical research?
Vital Connections: science, society and sustaining health
Reflections of a Kenyan trialist on participating in a UK based malaria prevention study
Supporting thinking on sample sizes for thematic analyses: a quantitative tool
Is the PhD a journey?
‘Me’Search, not research
What is discourse analysis?
The People’s Report – beautiful example of Participatory Action Research from Delaware
“Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Problems with Using Long Words Needlessly”
A protocol for researcher safety
Three big questions in research uptake. Why? Who? How?
Worrying times for the Politics department at the University of Surrey
How to engage participants in field research
Applying for research funding – is it worth it?
Could you write up your research as a Sage methods case?
How to fight procrastination in academic writing
4 Questions to ask before putting your research online
An open and honest discussion on research uptake
PLOS One Conference repository
Using Skype to do qualitative interviews
What to do when you’ve fallen out of love with your course
Analysing change over time: repeated cross sectional and longitudinal survey data
Is it worth blogging and tweeting about research papers?
The importance of stupidity in scientific research
Mark Carrigan on the DIY PhD

From Crisis to Sustainable Health – lessons learned from the Ebola Outbreak worth viewing in conjunction with this
What does ‘research’ mean? And are you doing it?
How to do Pecha Kucha
LGBT Aid and Development Workers group
What can qualitative researchers and teachers learn from quantitative researchers and teachers?
The Academy of Fab NHS Stuff. Join and share!
Writing a grant proposal
Research ‘Pre-mortems’
The use and abuse of research data
The lived experience of communication skills training
Podcast – Tapping into data
Attention decay in science (aka ‘nobody’s going to remember anything you do’)
Clinical Trial Data – share and share alike?
Facebook in the social sciences
The pitfalls of interdisciplinary research
Anyone for a ‘thinking holiday’?
The Royal Society is celebrating 350 years of scientific publishing
Are adjunct professors the new fast food workers
Giving credit for work used
Top 10 questions for the PhD viva
WikiData on what data is and where you might find it
The Dangerous Silence of Academic Researchers (aka do the best you can with the evidence you have)
March’s edition of PsyPag Review has an article on doing a Systematic Review

Sign up now to be on the wait list for data linkage course 09.07.15
Variety of free, online courses on different (and mixed) methods
Funded M-level and PhD courses in Russian (study at Novosibirsk Uni, Russia)
Free tutorial on using HyperRESEARCH qualitative software.
Analysing disrupted health systems in countries in crisis. June, Amsterdam.
US based. Edward Tufte’s courses – for beautiful data
Decolonizing Europe: History, Ideas and Praxis 6-17 July. Amsterdam.

Conferences, talks and events
Creative methods in the social sciences. 8 May. London
‘Human Being Human’: Cultural, Social & Political Thought Graduate Conference
May 23 – 25, 2015, University of Victoria (BC, Canada)
Summer Methods School, Singapore, 8-19 June 2015
International Society for Critical Health Psychologists. Grahamstown, South Africa. July 2015
MSF Scientific Day, UK and India, May 7-8 2015
Case Study Research: Method and Practice. ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques. Ljubljana, July 27-Aug 8, 2015
Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference, Oxford, 28 -30 September 2015

Just for fun
A glossary of gestures for critical discussion
The Pompous Ass Words Website
Karl Marx – or Harry Styles?
27 famous songs broken down as charts or graphs

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