Introducing #ResearcherRenew 2022

#ResearcherRenew is back! Now in its fourth year it’s designed to ease you gently into January and ensure you end the month feeling better about yourself and ready to take on the rest of the year.

How does it work? Every couple of days throughout January I’ll post an activity here on the #ResearchCompanion blog. Topics covered during the month include recognising your skills and talents, identifying your support network, anxiety management, how to turn your home into a spa, self-care strategies and prioritising treats; plus more practical jobs like data cleaning and time management. All activities are designed for you to adapt to your situation and are either free or low cost.

Sometimes activities will be quick, fun and easy. Others may require a bit of planning or be something you decide to tackle later in the year.  All the activities are designed for you to opt in or out of and to try at your pace. It’s not a competition but does encourage companionship and celebration of your unique talents. You can do that by adding comments to each blog post or join in conversations with me on Twitter using the hashtag #ResearcherRenew.

If 2021 or the years before it were challenging for you #ResearcherRenew 2022 may be just the thing you need to build your confidence and boost your mood. It’s free to join and while it’s primarily aimed at those working or studying in academia, anyone who feels in need of some comfort can take part.

All you need to do is remember to check in throughout the month and follow the tasks set. Your first job is to put a reminder in your phone or diary to come back on 2 January 2022. Looking forward to seeing you then!

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