Graphic Design for Researchers

ERIC has created a short guide – Graphic Design for Researchers which covers:
Key concepts in design
Making outputs engaging and accessible
Data visualisation
The use of photographs and illustrations
Layout and text

Although focusing on educational presentations and research, the ideas in this guide would apply to making information accessible across the health and social sciences. Particularly for presenting interim findings, short reports, conference presentations (oral and posters), and considering how work may also transfer across mobile technologies and social media.

Of course in offering a style guide there is an inevitable focus on a particular approach and format, so you may want to consider how the core instructions in this guidance can be applied to diverse communities with different needs in terms of access, language etc. (On a related note, this older guide on accessible writing from the Plain English Campaign may be a useful companion piece).

There are a number of guides and tools out there on design and accessibility for research dissemination – if you’ve any favourites to recommend please share below.

(Image used here comes from the Wellcome Collection and is a design by William Odell)

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