Facebook Group

You’re welcome to come and join our free, friendly group on Facebook. Here’s some more about how it works.

What’s the group for?

It’s a place to ask for help about your own research, offer assistance to other people, or get tips and ideas about improving your own teaching, research, practice or activism in the social sciences, health, and development.

Who’s in the group?

It’s a closed group but open to people at any level of research work, anywhere in the world. Some members are in colleges and universities as tutors or students studying at all levels from college to post-docs. Others are practitioners in healthcare, development, therapy etc. Still more are adjunct workers, community/lay researchers, or para-academics doing their studies outside of academia. Some people are on long term sick leave, parental leave or are carers, or have retired. Everyone has a shared interest in research topics.

What goes on in the group?

I post 3-4 pieces about research-related issues each day on things I hope will be of interest. That might be calls for conferences, talks, or courses (including online events); grant and funding opportunities; job adverts; resources to improve your practice; or reflections on issues and ethics in research and academia. I try where possible to include free/open access tools and all of the things I post (unless specified) are there for you to share, adapt or use within your own work.

I’m not on Facebook!
If you are busy, struggle with access to Facebook or are away working I post regularly on this blog about the how-tos of research and I archive important resources shared in the Facebook group on the ‘resources’ page.

How can I help the group?

If you are involved in any jobs, conferences, courses or research-related events you’re welcome to promote your activities in the group. If you find any resources, tools or websites you think people would find helpful please do share! And tell your colleagues, students etc about the group too. If you’re an experienced social/health/development researcher or practitioner you are particularly welcome to help share your knowledge with group members who are just starting out on their research journeys.

You can start up discussions about research-related issues you’d like covering, or if you’d like to run study sessions to coach others (particularly around the ‘how-tos’ of research) please do so.

And if you’ve something to show off about, then go for it in the group! Whether it’s having a poster accepted at a conference, writing a paper, passing an exam or winning an award then it’s lovely to hear people’s success stories.

Why did you start the Facebook group?
10 years ago I wrote a book called The Research Companion, which is now available as a second edition. I used this blog and the Facebook group as a means for help to help reflect on the writing process. The original book had a forum attached to it where people could ask for help, share skills and improve their research. The Facebook group has now replaced that forum.

Who are you?

I work as an Agony Aunt (advice columnist) and I’m a Social Psychologist by background. My teaching has focused around understanding and using different methodologies in International Health Care. My research interests are on sex and relationships health. I live by the seaside in East Sussex, have two young children, a very lazy cat, and my kitchen table is my research hub.

See you over there!
Hopefully you’ll want to join the Research Companion Facebook group which is there for you to enjoy, improve and understand your research – whether it’s a small piece of work or a large scale project.