1-10 July 2015 useful stuff roundup

I have fallen behind with the updates from the Research Companion Facebook group, for those who aren’t in the group or are unable to access Facebook.

As we talk about so much, monthly updates are a bit overwhelming so I’ll be sticking with weekly summaries of some of the hot topics we’ve been chatting about.

This week that has included….

A lovely blogpost explaining more about the brilliant ‪#‎whywedoresearch‬ campaign. It’s easy and simple to get involved with and if you’re working in health research please take part!

7 things you should know about non-English sci comm

Decolonising our universities – time for change

Young, gifted and blocked – why some young people can’t access higher education

Do you need an M-level degree to run an NGO?

Open access papers on HIV/Aids, malaria and other diseases

UCU’s report on the impact of immigration policies on students and staff

A scientific ethical divide between China and the West

Communicating research success through case studies

Let Universities do what they do best – teaching and research

Examining the role of patients’ experiences as a resource for choice and decision-making in health care

ESRC funding concerns

Peer reviewers and editors, not on the same page

Using Reddit for public engagement

Oh dear, here comes Nicky Morgan and her foolishness about humanities vs STEM

*%$#7@! tutors and their *%$#7@! language. Is it okay to swear at work?

ESRC launches ‘Freedom to Learn’ seminar series Their logo features at the start of this post and shows people walking within a community setting.

If you want to discuss these topics, ask questions or share advice, or join in our other conversations about the latest budget news and the impact that will have on education, development and aid, plus regular job adverts, conference updates etc head over to the Research Companion Facebook group.

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