Some actually quite good resources for learning research methods

Research Methods. Not really a phrase that goes with fun, excitement or interest.

Which is a shame because research methods can be engaging and entertaining, not to mention very useful.

Unfortunately the bad rep methods have is down to the way it is taught (and I could, and probably will, write a whole other blog post about that).

The good news is there are people making a real effort to teach research methods in ways that are appealing.

I’ll be using this post to archive as many really fun and innovative methods teaching resources I can find. You’re welcome to recommend any you like in the comments.

Let’s start with Not awful and boring examples for teaching statistics and research methods which wins just because of the title.

And the brilliant Research Wahlberg. An example of which you can see at the start of this post. Sup.

Other suggestions have included
@LegoAcademics on Twitter

Shit Academics Say on Facebook and @Academicssay on Twitter

Sociology does The Apprentice

Academia Obscura an entertaining blog that brings you, among other things, #AcademicsWithCats (although I’m quite peeved our very own research assistants Charlie Purr and Melly Boo Bops didn’t make the list).

PHD Comics

8 Bit Philosophy

University of Southampton teach research methods like a reality TV show

Science Salsa

Missed in History

Thanks for your recommendations, more welcome! 🙂

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